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"Jade was able to take my vision and make it a reality and then she upped the game and made the covers fabulous."

Krissy V

Whiskey Sour Series

Beauty Within

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book cover design & illustration

"I love Steam Power Studios!"

William Stacey

Cartography for The Vampire Queen Saga

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"Steam Power Studios. Three words that mean so much to me.

I could stand on roof tops and scream them out at the top of my voice with total confidence that I would be doing authors worldwide a favour by broadcasting this hugely talented team."


Jerome Baker Series

Memory Tourist Series

"If you want expert artwork for your cover, you can do no better than to hire Jade at Steam Power Studios, cover artist and designer extraordinaire!"


Jim Musgrave

Steam City Pirates

President English Majors Reviewers and Editors, LLC 

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