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That Simple

Steam Power Studios For all your Ebook, Print Book, Illustrations and Cartography needs.

Our Aims

 - To provide our clients with a unique, unified conceptualisation of their vision, without dealing with multiple outsourced individuals or parties


 - To provide a unique personalised experience that is both relaxing, casual and yet highly professional. 


 - To have the Quality of our work bring out the child-like joy that drives every adult passion and persuit.

Steam Power Studios is the Husband and Wife team of Vlad & Jade Erica.


Vlad was a Composer for the Entertainment Industry, having scored for Game and Film, (Feature Film & Award winning Short Film). At Steam Power Studios he is in charge of in house Tech. While providing customer Typography, Concept Art, Layout Design and QC.


Jade is an accomplished artist in all mediums, having won awards in Australia as well as being displayed in the Fine Art Intitute of California. Her paintings hang in private collections across the globe. - Australia - Europe - Scandinavia - UK & the USA. At Steam Power Studios she is Lead Artist, Concept Artist, Cartographer & Accounts.



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