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"I have used Steam Power Studios for two books so far and I have been extremely happy.


I can be quite fussy with my covers and know what I want going into a design. Jade was able to take my vision and make it a reality and then she upped the game and made the covers fabulous. I have signed for my seven book series with Steam Power Studios and I can’t wait to see how they take my visions and make them even better. I also have a couple of other covers that I will be asking them to do for me. They also produce teasers which are exceptional and even gave me gif’s so that my covers and teasers came to life on social media. I am happy to give a recommendation for Steam Power Studios."

Krissy V

Whiskey Sour Series

Beauty Within

"When I realized I needed a series of maps highlighting my story world for my new dark fantasy series, The Vampire Queen Saga, I honestly didn't even know where to start. I did know that I couldn't do anything like this on my own or I'd risk looking like a complete amateur--and readers deserve better than that.


The answer was the wonderfully talented people of Steam Power Studios. Once I provided my inept sketches and noted the highlights that the maps needed to have--as well as some healthy back-and-forth with the artist, Jade, Steam Power Studios created a marvelous image to perfectly capture my dark fantasy world. I couldn't have been happier. The map looks wonderful. Jade was responsive to every small change I needed, and she even provided an additional map to use on my website. I love Steam Power Studios!"

William Stacey

Cartography for The Vampire Queen Saga

I hired Jade of Steam Power Studios to create the cover for my Steampunk novel, Steam City Pirates.  Her work was extraordinary.  Not only was she spot on with the design I wanted, but she went to extra lengths getting the little details I wanted just right. 


As a result, my book was chosen by the national librarian publication, Library Journal for their independent award called Self-e.  In fact, it was chosen as an especially recognized title.  I have received many positive comments about this cover, and it has been the direct cause of many purchases over the various paperback and eBook distribution channels.  If you want expert artwork for your cover, you can do no better than to hire Jade at Steam Power Studios, cover artist and designer extraordinaire!


Jim Musgrave


English Majors Reviewers and Editors, LLC 

Steam City Pirates

Steam Power Studios. Three words that mean so much to me.


I could stand on roof tops and scream them out at the top of my voice with total confidence that I would be doing authors worldwide a favour by broadcasting this hugely talented team. 

They came into my life through recommendation by another author. I had met this author at a signing and liked her covers. They stirred something in me even though the genre of the writing isn't my usual taste. I asked her who did them for her and she directed me to Jade and Vlad, and what a happy day that was. It's such a difficult thing to let go of the concept that someone else is wrapping 80,000 words that have poured from your heart onto the pages of a book you have written. After all your talent is not the first thing the reader sees, is it? Essentially you're relying on someone else to draw them in, and hoping that your talent, the writing, will seal the deal, as a secondary entity; especially if you're an unknown author. 

As hard as that concept can be I have to say that it isn't when you work with Steam Power Studios. They really work hard to connect with you, they take the time to get to know you, so that they can do your work justice. Working with jade on my covers was like sleeping, so easy, so natural, so peaceful and so stressless.


I told her that I wanted the Memory Tourist duo to represent the mystical, the ethereal and the ancient. I wanted them to look like the kinds of books you might find under a dusty pile in a little intriguing book shop tucked down a back street that hardly anyone knows about. Boy, did she deliver. Not only did she encapsulate exactly what I wanted, she hand drew the covers because she couldn't find anything pre-existing that matched my specification. This means my covers are original art work, which fits massively with the themes of the book, being personalised accounts of people's afterlife experiences. 

I was blown away with the Jerome Barker series covers and trailer, I can't believe how Vlad and Jade have managed to so brilliantly bring Jerome's life to life. The covers really document what he faces on a daily basis. The ghostly images are exactly as I asked, they command intrigue and curiosity. The trailer makes me, and many more, want to reach for the popcorn every time we watch it. I can't believe how much justice Vlad has done my work. 

If you're an author and you have a book you want to place in safe hands, look no further than Steam Power Studios. When you're presenting your work to the world money should not be a barrier, and it wasn't for me because I used Steam Power Studios. 

Glenn Haigh

The Memory Tourist Series

The Jerome Baker Series

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