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This Art Pack contains Magic/Fantasy runestone with different symbols and colours.


Symbols are made up and any similarity somewhere else is coincidental.


One run stone design with - 8 different symbols - 4 different glow levels -base rune symbol without glow


Files included: 2x png sheets with the icons measuring approx 1100px in height, and 1x png sheet with icons measuring approx 450px in height


Great for your newsletters, book chapter headers, social media marketing, game assets :)


Please note, the download file is a zip file containing the png sheets plus licensing information.

License summary:
Dagger image can be used for personal and/or commercial work, except for in the case of logo or trademark work; and/or by itself on commercial merchandise (must be part of a derivative image).
Dagger image cannot be resold or repackaged for resale.

Magic Fantasy Rune stone asset/stock sheet

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